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Grey’s Anatomy, Season 9

Madame Wong

I am a Grey’s Anatomy junkie. I’ve been watching since the first episode. I follow various accounts on Twitter that have to do with the show, including Shonda Rhimes (the creator) and Patrick Dempsey.

On July 16, Patrick tweeted “901 table read, and we’re off!” He included a point of view picture as well.

What do I do? I start trying to read the script.

Meredith (voiceover): Dying changes everything. There’s the emotional fallout, sure. But there’s also the practical stuff.

Meredith (voiceover): Who’s going to do your job? Who’s going to take care of your family?

Meredith (voiceover): The only good thing for you is you don’t have to worry about it. People you never knew will be living in your house, working your job. The world just keeps on going… without you.

UPDATE: I totally squeed as Meredith said these lines at the opening of the first episode…

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