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What should I read next?

Other suggestions are welcome. Although i’m more of a DC fan. I also read Vertigo comics, but again, it’s DC. The last few comics I read were Kingdom Come, Y: The Last Man, Preacher and Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia. Please help me decide and sound off below.


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12 responses to “What should I read next?

  1. comicproscons ⋅

    Check out the New 52 Wonder Woman series. The art is incredible and it is action packed. Heavy on mythology if that is your sort of thing. Adds a good deal of depth to the character

    • Fida

      I read The Hiketeia. i liked it well enough. but if shes hooking up with supes, is her character still awesome enough? like she is more than just superman’s girlfriend right? or does it have nothing to do with that?

  2. Out of the options I would go for Batgirl, Gail Simone usually nails it. Post Crisis (I assume Infinite) Superman is mixed bag.

  3. meferril

    Out of the three, I would have to go with Batgirl. However, if you like DC/Vertigo, I would also suggest reading The Unwritten. If you like Brian K. Vaughn, then Ex Machina is pretty good if you can find it.

    • Fida

      i love Brian K. Vaughn. I’ve read Y and the Pride of Baghdad. both were awesome, so i will definitely check out Ex Machina. I’ve never heard of The Unwritten though.
      Thanks for your help! appreciate it :)

  4. yhakuma

    What did you end up reading?

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