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From Straight to Gay..Actors who pushed the Limits



Everyone knows the names of the actors and actresses that are gay and play heterosexuals.  They include Neil Patrick Harris and Jim Parsons who portray men who lead straight lives.  But here at Chitownstarconnections , we pride our selves on the unusual . So check out this list of straight actors who have pushed the envelope themselves. Some of them may shock you..

billy crystal on soap Billy Crystal made his place in television history as the first “Gay” character with a regular role in a series. Prior to that , it was only guest roles for gays.  Here he is feeling pretty as Jodie Dallas in “SOAP”

hank and robin in the bird cage Here are Hank Azaria of “Simpsons” fame and Robin Williams  playing gay boys in one of my favorite gay movies “The Bird Cage.”  (Note: I got to see Nathan on stage at the Goodman)

WG1-AaronLukePerry “Will and Grace” was such a breakthrough. Here is one of the…

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