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No such thing as bad publicity

So it’s 3am and I was watching some deleted scenes from the sixth season of Castle when all this occurred to me.

It’s funny, how publicity strategies can be so very drastically different. especially for television. For instance, Shondaland shows (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and the new How To Get Away With Murder) are notorious for keeping things to themselves. The new seasons for these shows all premiere next week, and NOTHING has been let slip from the writers room. Even with this lack of knowledge, their humongous fan base wait in anticipation to be left as emotional wrecks at the end of the hour (or 3 hours if you plan on watching all three shows). So this strategy obviously works.

Even on the same network (ABC), the publicity strategy is different. Castle has a sizable fan base, and they are offered more access than those of Shondaland. These fans are less oblivious, plot lines and sneak peeks are released regularly. The fans don’t know everything, but just enough to keep them interested. So far it seems to be working. Personally, I cannot wait for the season seven premiere.

Then there are shows like Arrow where the cast (mostly just Stephen Amell) tease fans on social network with set pics. This gives fans more access to the actor, but not necessarily the show. Seems more a tactic in placating the over eager masses. Still works though. Just head on over to Amell’s Facebook page if you don’t believe me. There is also The Flash route which is to just leak the whole damn thing months before the premiere date is even announced. To be honest, I don’t know if the leaking of the pilot was intentional or not, but I’d say it paid off. Spin offs don’t usually do as amazing as the parent show, mostly due to the heavy amounts of fan skepticism. But The Flash pilot was so freaking good, that I for one am super jazzed.

So which method works the best? Having a small slice of the cake? being fed breadcrumbs? total darkness? Just food for thought. I’ll leave it for the experts to decide. But the most important question is, which one do YOU prefer?

Leave a comment below, who knows, maybe a studio or network exec. might (for reasons unknown) come across this insignificant part of the interweb and heed our collective advice.

Kay. Wishful thinking I know, but still, feel free to sound off below :)

 Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder premieres Thursday, September 23rd and Castle premieres on Monday, September 29th, on  ABC. Arrow premieres on Wednesday, October 8th and The Flash premieres on Tuesday, October 7th on the CW.

Mark your calenders.


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