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Top 10 times ‘Castle’ made us swoon so hard

:3 sept. 29th, get here faster already!

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If you are one of the few folks on planet Earth who hasn’t yet succumbed to the unrivaled swoon-worthiness that is Nathan Fillion—be it as space cowboy Captain Mal Reynolds in Firefly, as frequent Joss Whedon muse, or as Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog—then let me be the first to shame you. Just kidding! What I really mean is let me be the first to welcome you, as once you read this list of the most heart-pumping, smile-inducing, and flat-out super swoon moments that ABC’s Castle has blessed us with over the last six years, there’s no turning back. Welcome! You’re going to love it here, I promise.

Behold, the top 10 times Castle made us just DIE.

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