Contact Me

My Skype name is ‘twillightevil‘ (don’t ask-I was very young). You can add me, but if you do, please mention who you are and where you know me from (like say you follow/like my blog). But I am warning you, I do not go online very often these days, so please don’t be offended if I don’t respond to you requests immediately.

If you want to add me on twitter, my username is @RawrFida. My account is a private one, so I will have to approve you. This is probably your best bet at getting in touch with me.

If you want to email me, just leave your email address below, and I will get in touch with you. Somehow, it doesn’t seem like a very good idea to bandy about my personal email on a public page. I must warn you however that if you are one of those people trying to push an agenda, you can leave right now. I like my opinions/views/beliefs the way they are. Please do not try to change them. Unless of course, I have been offensive or unintentionally ignorant. In that case have at me.

There is always the far, far easier option of just leaving a comment. ;)


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