Social recluse, internet groupie.

So there’s this guy. And before you get all happy and squeal-ly, this guy is a creepy guy. He’s one of those types that you’d thought was mute for the longest time, until he answered the teacher’s question and gave you a heart-attack. And normally you don’t care for this guy, you just merely accept his¬†existence. Until one day he …Read More


Hello world!

So today I decided to start a blog. don’t know why. just decided to. so really, this is just gonna be a sounding board for me. im gonna rant, ramble and rage here, and if there’s anybody who has anything to say, feel free. although I highly doubt im going to get any hits, seeing as how this is my very first post. anyways, I should warn people (if there are any) reading this, that they should not judge me by the title of this post. it’s too happy for me, yet im too lazy to change it, so it stays. I also have no clue as how to do this thing, but imma just roll with it.